The Impending Collapse of the American System (and How to Adapt to It)

The Impending Collapse of the American System (and How to Adapt to It)

It’s not surprising that this has ended up being the case. The trouble comes when the US doesn’t abide socially and in accordance with its own ideals of peace, freedom of choice and determination. I would also critique the lack of coaching and advising that the US could potentially be doing, vis a vis, any side in the current kerfuffles in the Middle East or Africa with regards to how to govern a multi-ethnic, multi-ideological society without resorting to the kind of factional infighting, repression and economic/political exclusion that arguably led to the challenges against the governments in the first place.

Why not offer advice to al-Sisi and the Muslim Brotherhood alike as to how to handle a political system that’s democratic (in the sense of being responsive and inclusive of its citizens, rather than Western-styled and in name only)? Why not help these governments and government members abide by ALL of their people’s needs and wants, rather than just advocating and governing for their particular sides’ excessive interests and desires?

Granted, the US government doesn’t do this well in its own territory with its own society. We have one political party (the Republicans) who govern exclusively for the interests of the 1% and 0.1% (in accordance with the principles of the traditional Right, regardless of how they phrase or rationalize it) and we have another political party (the Democrats) who are simply co-opted and kowtowing to the 1% and 0.1% in practice, rather than do anything proper and solid by the people who they claim to support (which is in accordance with the principles of the traditional Left).

Meanwhile, you have whole swaths of the population who are left out of the traditional two-party system, leaving behind a non-responsive, non-inclusive and non-functional government in the United States that is not abiding by and for the people who are under their own jurisdiction, let alone looking out for the interests of the rest of the world’s population, whom we are all connected to, like it or not.

We cannot afford to have a centralized “command” or “Federal” system for the world. There are simply too many people(s), cultures and histories that are in place, and the current set of “leaders” haven’t figured out how to abide with each other on a social level first (the essence of this being give AND take) let alone take the time to learn about each other in such a way that we’re able to come to understandings and greater comprehensions of the other, such that they can maneuver in positive manners with the rest of the populations of planet Earth. Everybody just seems out for their personal, small self “interests” while neglecting to see how they fit into the larger picture sense of Self, which is more accurate to how we exist and live on any planet, let alone, on this one that we’re currently on. That is how the American Empire is going to collapse and how all empires collapse; they fail to take into account the larger picture of the world and simply see themselves as “uber alles”, rather than more accurately observing how limited and interdependent they are with the well being of others.

If the US wants to continue being the world’s hegemon effectively and in such a way that it doesn’t get blow back from all the other societies in the world, it has to redefine its interests and wishes abroad. It has to let other countries self-determine how they organize politically and who they let govern themselves and they need to say “no” to the big business and financial institutions that have led the United States to ruin for the sake of a few executive bonuses and revenue increases. We need to redefine our view of the economy, such that we’re seeing it as a vast, complex, adaptive and interconnected series of systems (forming one big system as a whole) and to actually make sure that we’re putting the environmental and sustainability caveats in our business plans and legislation, such that we don’t kill ourselves on this planet for the sake of higher profit margins and/or “cheaper” goods and services. This is going to take a redefinition of finance along more holistic, less monetarily driven and more value driven line of reasoning and perspective and a redefinition of the attitudes and perspectives with regard to governing and government’s relationship with the societies they have legitimate jurisdiction over and those they don’t have legitimate jurisdiction over.

It is feasible to construct a world order based on love, respect, honesty, truth, cooperation against common problems and towards common goals and greed directed towards health, survival and well being rather than monetary profits. It just takes a different brain type in power to make it be so, and a different line of reasoning within the brain pool of our existing leaders to bring about the evolutionary changes that will be needed; the redefinition of humanity and it’s purpose on this planet and on all other planets that we may visit.

It’s just a question of prioritizing ourselves towards survival and sustainability first and well being, health and mental happiness (as defined by Buddhist and Western insights into happiness on a researched, psychological/neurological level) second.

What’s it going to be?

Health, happiness and positive, sustainable living with each other?

Or wealth, relative social power and ultimate death attempting to be “over” each other?


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