The Need for Government and Science in Government, not Law

The Need for Government

I’m glad to see that there’s some stabilization going on in the Central African Republic.

However, this is what happens when you don’t have a government that can lay down the rule of law in place. You get anarchy, you get chaos, you get environments where neither the economy or the society can function, let alone, flourish….

Libertarianism is just a fool’s errand.

And conservatism is just the deference to the already powerful, to allow them to neglect, to exploit, to destroy the society they depend on and have no regard for.

Only progressivism has the correct attitude towards government’s function and use in society, even though those who follow progressivism haven’t mastered the art of cause and effect in government and policy making and the concept of democratic respect for the people’s needs and wishes.

What good is being a lawyer in government if all you understand is law?

What about the society?

What about the environment?

What about the economy?

Why limit yourself to only knowing law and how to make law, when you can expand into so much in depth knowledge about how things work, function and are effected by that law?

Too many lawyers in government.

Not enough social scientists.

Think about it.


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