The Power of the Good Product

The Power of the Good Product

“It’s truly media neutral and helps you build campaigns that answer human needs, not the needs of brands, media or consumers.”

We’re not an endlessly manipulable species in general, even if there are ways to short-cut to our needs and wants.  If you develop a good product for human needs and wants, you’ll likely see better sales than if you simply rely on the media campaigns to sell your goods and/or services.

The same applies in government, which is how you’re seeing people gradually turning against Barack Obama and his extremely effective marketing campaign.

It is better to have a good product and THEN sell it well, rather than simply have a slapdash product and try to sell it REALLY well.  It works for politicians as it does for consumer goods.

If a politician wants to stay in office, it would behoove them to simply be a better statesperson to their people, both in the small sense of self and to the larger sense of self, in the context of the general population and the nation as a whole.  Arguably, there are low cost advertising tactics that can rely simply on the quality of the product and encouraged word of mouth that can skirt around the high-budget, glitzy political campaigns that are currently in vogue at this time and place.

If you don’t need the money for advertising, why should you be beholden to the special interests who fund your, frankly, overpriced and unnecessarily expensive campaigns (unless of course, they think that they’re not good enough leaders and statespeople to be able to campaign on this cheaper and more honest (and effective) level.

Imagine a world where political stunts had meaning and weren’t just cheap gimmicks that most people could see through.

Imagine a world with sincere and genuine leaders, rather than a bunch of dotty folks who played politics rather than displayed genuine skill and care in governing.

Imagine a world where politicians would actually get more boots on the ground and votes in the ballot box, as opposed to advertising dollars from big businesses (who are destroying that which they depend on for cloth rags).

It is possible.

It is conceivable.

And, I honestly think that it’s doable, provided you get good people to run for office and good advertising people who know how to work on a budget yet sell a good product.

It’s a combination of governing FOR people and communicating TO people that wins elections most reliably, on the empirical and historic levels.

And, these are the functions of government that, I think, will most reliably maintain the existing system and prevent periods of anarchy, overthrow and chaos, both for the existing private and public elites and for the general population as a whole, again, on the empirical level, not just the theoretical level.

Think about it.


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