The Higher You Go….

The “higher” you go in our social world, the more constrained you are.  You must be more conscientious of your actions and how they effect others and you must be more selfish towards your largest sense of self (the whole universe and all of life) than to your smaller sense of self (your individual body and mind).  Those on the receiving end of relationships are free to react in any way that they see fit.  Those who actually hold power are bound by the consequences of their actions as they relate to others in very real, very acute and very immediate senses.

We’ve got the notions and dynamics behind power and freedom backwards in our society, mainly because we’ve been led by those chaotic elements of our social world who never truly understand, experience, accept or like the serious constraints that comes with true power and control.  We think that those who have the most amount of wealth, prestige and defacto political power are the ones who are most free to choose in our world.  However, those who are cognizant of those positions and what they actually mean for themselves (as individuals) know that they are more profoundly effected by those actions than any other person on the planet.  The more they influence, the more they effect the world that they’re in, for better or for worse.

Those who have been in positions of real power and have contemplated on the significance of that power accurately know this intuitively.  Those who never experienced or have been cognizant of this real power that they can have over another being, don’t and simply won’t, appreciate the dynamics that are behind these social relations and the consequences that they have on themselves, let alone, on all the other people whom they are around (and are dependent upon, in one form or another).

It takes two to have a relationship.  Simply being the bossy one isn’t sufficient to constitute as real power or influence, because that is the kind of “power” and “influence” that is most easily bucked and avoided.  True power is something that’s received from another person or group of people.  It can never be taken or demanded.

Those who have been in these actual power positions will understand these kinds of dynamics.

Those who haven’t simply will not.

And those are the kinds of people who need to be excluded from the serious world of power, consequence and authority.

Think about it.


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