The Nature of Value

A friend asked me whether I would invest $100 of my own money in a project that yields $200 or a project that yields $1,000 net.  I responded: “depends on what the projects do.”  If the $1,000 project damages the environment and/or the society why would the $1,000 yield project be more desirable than the $200 yield project?  You still make money and you do so in a way that doesn’t harm yourself through harming the society and/or the environment.that is around you (and that you are apart of as well).

If all things are equal and the $1,000 yield project does no harm to the environment or the society then, by all means, go for it.  But if it does hurt to others and/or yourself, why make a sacrifice of that which is more relevant to your health and well being for something that is really useless to you?  Why not be more concerned with physical, social and environmental health if you’re still making money in the first place?

What is the point of wanting more of what’s poisonous for you when you can sill have enough?

Why not make non-monetarily valuable contributions to our society with money, if it yields better results for everybody (including yourself)?

I’m not saying that we stop making money.  I’m just saying we put it into perspective relative to our more pressing and natural human needs.

Think about it.


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