Tradition, Meet West; Conservatism, Meet Progressivism


Tradition, Meet West; Conservatism, Meet Progressivism

I honestly don’t know how to feel about these situations.

On one hand, these are, most likely, traditions and beliefs that are far older and more significant to the lives of the people living in the villages of India than anything we in the West have to offer.

On the other hand, this too seems to create a conflict of consciousness in the brains of Indians as they, on one hand, protest vehemently the rape and abuse of women and, on the other hand, continue to indulge in this kind of behavior.

I’m glad that it’s the sovereign government of India that’s carrying the water in this situation.  I do not think it is wise for Western countries to interfere with these affairs in general. 

However, how is this kind of anti-social, misogynistic, violent and controlling behavior from the conservatives of India any different than the anti-social, misogynistic, violent and controlling behavior of the conservatives here in this country?

Isn’t this kind of behavior similar to the behavior of the conservatives who sit in power in our own countries, just with the different cultures applied to each social group?

Are we growing apart as a species, between those who hold liberal ideals as their core basis for society and those who hold their conservative values as the more reactionary and, shall we say, primitive iteration of our species’ general brain types?

Will this be the show-down, between those who are of Gog and Magog, the goats of Matthew, and those who are, we hope, destined for something better, the sheep of Matthew?

If so, then this planet is going to die off, as the conservative goats are far more capable of organizing and executing actions than the liberal sheep.  They will face the apocalypse as the planet dies off under their control, while the rest of the species is going to be killed off sooner by the conservatives’ actions.

What a sad and pointless end to this species…..

Cause, it’s not like I am going to be able to save this planet and this species from the fate of Revelations.

Think about it.



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