Silly People…..


Silly People…..

Now, the conflict is only going to escalate and contort Egyptian society more.

The Army and the police have been directly challenged with these actions, their ability to protect the citizenry (even their own citizenry) has been thrown into question.

The mere fact that there is a division between those who are the police’s people and the rest of the Egyptian population, is a sign and symptom of a coming bought of revolution, overthrow and severe challenges to the authority of the “Liberal” government of Egypt.  The police should be working for ALL Egyptians, just like the government should be working with ALL of its citizens and for ALL of their physical and psychological well being.  The fact that Egyptian society has descended into this deeply factional conflict is a symptom of a political culture that does not comprehend, accept or understand the notion of governing for a plurality of people, rather than just a specific group of people.

That is how Egypt will, likely, always be coming in and out of periods of overthrow, revolution if its government does not learn or accept the principle of governing for the empirical benefit of all of its people, physically and psychologically.  The militants will only continue to strike at the government and its representatives from the shadows until honest, open and fair elections that are participated in by all sides.  Bearing in mind, that it may already be too late to save the Egyptian Republic.

A shame, really, because it could have all, technically, been prevented.

Oh well…..

Think about it.


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