Bad Society


Bad Society

In fairness to conservatives, behavior, culture and social woes also influence and help produce chronic poverty.

But that is not the kind of poverty that we are currently seeing in the US at present, I think.

This kind of poverty is brought on by stagnant or declining wages and benefits, in spite of the profits and excessive bonuses of the executives and financial managers.

How DARE Mr. Brooks, and his conservative ilk, pin the blame on others when it is quite clearly their greed and irresponsibility that produces the problem that is currently in front of us at this time.

As for those who don’t think that income inequality is real or that it isn’t a real social problem, consider the fact that the economy doesn’t work according to traditional economic logics and methods of understanding, and is, in fact, a complex adaptive system in which wealth has to flow throughout the society, if people are a) going to be willing to participate in the society in the first place and b) actually produce the wealth that is advertised for our individual labor as employees, workers and managers.

Why should the rest of us have to be left in discomfort for the sake of Mr. Brooks’ class of, quite frankly, parasitic and nonsensical compatriots?

Think about it.


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