Split-Personality State


Split-Personality State

I think one of the largest problems in Pakistan, is that its state apparati is of conflicting attitudes about the nature of the state and society within Pakistan.

There is the Army, which has defacto control over affairs, is split between those who are actually supportive of the Pakistani Taliban and those who are in opposition to it.

Not that Pakistani society is terribly progressive in the first place, when it’s left to develop on its own terms.  It’s just that these militants are a real serious threat to our security and well being over here, what with their access to nuclear weapons and their potential ability to use the technology and the devices to fight a global war against us and the Western European countries, in the name of Islam and anti-colonial sentiments.

While conservatives in the US and Israel are hootin’ and hollerin’ over Iran, their “ally” in Pakistan is slowly eroding and morphing into a very real threat to world peace and quality of life for humans.  I don’t know what the official progressives and liberals are doing over here, in the meantime to combat this very real and very serious threat, in the first place.

Unfortunately, thanks to our reputation over in that part of the world (created by our nonsensical drone policy), we will not be able to legitimately intervene in Pakistan to prevent terrorists from getting a hold of nuclear weapons and technology for export.  I think it would be best for us to consult with China, who is a close ally of Pakistan, to see if they could do something to prevent what is a mutual political, social, environmental and economic threat.

We need to get the reactionaries and the other nonsensical people out of real power when it comes to handling our foreign affairs.

And it starts with identifying those who are not in touch with reality by their brain types.

Think about it.


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