A Conceptual Blueprint for Domestic and International Governance

It is of supreme importance for a government to “take the temperature” of its own social jurisdiction and in the jurisdictions of all other countries.  This can (and ideally should) be carried out by crack reporters and investigative journalists, interviewing and scouring the homeland and the world around us to understand what is actually happening on the ground, as far as the person in the street is concerned, and how sentiments are aligning towards various issues and matters of concern.  Regional historians and experts should also be consulted in order to figure out what’s organic to these areas and what’s not; the two sides of data being compared and fleshed out with deference going to the “on the ground” perspective.

These tests should be updated frequently, such that the most up to date picture can be had of any given society with regards to the people’s sentiments about any number of topics of concern, with the context of the cultural, histories and social interactions being included in the discussion.  From these analyses, you should be able to get an accurate understanding of another country/society in their own words, without having to violate social sensibilities concerning privacy and spying.

In the end, this program would be about clearing up our ignorance and misunderstandings about our own people and people abroad in a respectful and socially acceptable manner.  It is a way for getting to know people on their own terms, in order to provide better responses and strategic plans to suit the culture, the sentiments and the people who live with the consequences of the actions of government members.

The goal is to create a more harmonious society and a better functioning society that is able to mitigate and recover effectively from conflict and disaster, and to maintain and improve relations between a government, its society’s members and the members of other societies throughout the world.  This then reduces the risk of overthrow or losing elections, and increases the odds of being maintained and legitimated by society as a ruling Party or faction or member set.  This concept dates back to the beginnings of codified and organized government.  I would argue that it is this constant checking in on the empirical state of the environment, the economy, human sentiments and needs and the universe beyond our planet that is the key to maintaining positive, legitimate and stable governance, no matter who is in charge.  In the end all political factions are bound to do the same basic things in the same basic manners if they wish to stay in power legitimately and stably.

From there, society and the economy can function well within the context of the environmental conditions that humanity finds itself in (both from here, on this planet, and from the universe beyond us) as a unified complex, adaptive, evolving and dynamic system.

It all ties together, after all, each part being effected one way or another by another part.

That is how things actually work in our universe, even on this level of being.

Some are able to sense it, while others aren’t.

And it’s all thanks to their brains that they’re either able to sense this or not.

Think about it.


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