The Death Knell?

The Death Knell?

If I were the military, I’d be very much afraid right now.

That “98%” figure (from what was only a third of the population, who may have been coerced and/or not perceptive enough to act according to the full perspective of possible actions) shouldn’t be taken as a sign of legitimacy.  In fact, it should be taken as quite the opposite of it, as Liberals and Islamists seem to be unhappy with the constitution and the processes by which it was “ratified.”

Pushing yourself over public opinion, and white washing it away, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

That is when they begin to buy weapons, funneled in probably from Libya and (if they are going to be “cheeky”) Saudi and the Gulf states, and then, begin to use them.

We live in an age where the individual has massive destructive power.

The State never has had a monopoly on violence; just the legitimate one.  When it loses that legitimacy in the eyes of the people, it enables other groups to rise up and fight against the State with the support of the population.

That is why, if I were the US, I’d be seriously cautioning al-Sisi from running and continuing on with these sham elections.  I would then suggest to the Muslim Brotherhood to move away from Morsi and to find new leadership in someone else.

Will they listen?

I don’t think so.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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