The Power of Love and the Love of Power

The Power of Love and the Love of Power

An interesting occurrence in history.

But one must define what is meant by power, in the long and the short run of it.

Because power is one of those things that’s fickle, especially when there is nothing to balance it out in the relationship.

Look at the Inca, for one example of this.

Or the Aztecs.

Or the British.

Or the Americans

Weak powers can do considerably more damage in the long term to “strong” states and powers, especially if they set aside their surface differences to embrace a common cause against the stronger power.

Even then, they can act as a thorn in the side of the supposedly stronger power, and sap that stronger power of its energy, resources and will to fight.

Thucydides had it wrong about human beings: we like compassionate leaders, in general.  They need to be willing and able to assert themselves and show their relative strength.  But by being compassionate and not bullying, they win over the smaller powers and groups to their side, thus enhancing their power and enhancing the well being of those weaker powers.

The Persians were onto something, with their empire that is regrowing by the year (thanks to the boobery of the West and the skill of the Iranians).

So were the Egyptians, whose Pharaohs actually more or less, ruled benevolently and compassionately, such that people were willing to go along with building massive structures in their honor.

It’s something that BDSM Dominants know intuitively or learn eventually, if they’re interested in actually keeping a positive relationship going with a submissive long after even the relationship has gone out.

It’s a standard operation of behaving well amongst people.

All other “power grabs” are merely a symptom of weakness in the mind, and that they are about to collapse if the weaker power plays their hand right (even if they are physically stronger than the other side in the conflict).

Empires come and empires go.

Only the people are left behind.

And that, is a core nugget from history.

One that the Greeks and, indeed, all of the West’s civilizations have failed to accept or appreciate at their own expenses.

Think about it.


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