A House Divided

A House Divided

The biggest problem in America, I think, is that the people are divided, not just the leadership.  A country divided within itself cannot stand together for very long.
Perhaps it may be best to amicably part ways with the conservatives for the time being, and let them pursue their priorities and methods in whatever way they want to.
They don’t want to negotiate in general, let alone, effectively for the sake of the general population.
They want things that are mutually exclusive to what the progressives want and, I would argue, that are mutually exclusive to the physical and psychological well being of the general public.
Who knows, maybe they’ll get lucky and be able to attack and destroy the Liberal States, thus putting themselves, once again, in the dangerous position of being occupier and global pariah on top of being bad and disinterested in governing.
Something the progressives are going to have to think about moving forward, in case this separation does, in fact happen.
Hopefully the conservatives will come to their senses about the nature of governing, what the Liberals are proposing and intending to do, and then work constructively WITH the progressives to achieve the best possible results for the general public, in practice, not just the upper crust elites who already have.
If not, then there’s no point in staying together.
Negotiations fail.
Walk away.
Think about it.

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