If I were the United States, I’d just as soon let the Taliban take over from Mr. Karzai.  At least that way we’ll block Iran to the East while still having a regime that’s hostile to us.
Ideally, we’d be able to first, consult with the Afghan people directly, to find out what they’d like to see happen to their government and then, second, if they consent to it, remove Hamid Karzai and his followers from government.  This would effectively hit the reset button on the Afghan government.  Then we’d allow the Afghan people and leaders to come up with a legitimate means of governing themselves according to their own cultural logic.  I don’t see how it is in the American’s interest to maintain a hostile pseudo-democracy in place, especially when it is not legitimate and not working with the US in a positive partnership relationship.
These changes in the Afghan government must also come with the scale back and elimination of the drone program in Afghanistan as a means of fighting against insurgents and Taliban.  Drone warfare has its place, when fighting against professional armies or as a means of reconnaisance to patrol the mountain passes between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  However, it is not a good tool for trying to assassinate individual targets significant to the insurgency, because they’ll just follow the chain of command and get more followers to fill the ranks as we kill civilians, especially without customary restitution.  It’s part of a larger, and more disconcerting problem with the American strategic plan, in that it relies almost exclusively on expensive, high tech fire power, while completely neglecting the strategic links between cause and effect for the American military missions and for American security at home.  An ounce of good strategy is greater than a pound of firepower.  That’s what the members of Congress and the Presidency fail to appreciate and accept, and what the private, for profit military industrial complex does not want them to understand or know (if they themselves understand and know this concept as well).  Personally, I’m sick of the bad strategic decision-making and I’m sick of the wasteful spending on products that we don’t really need or use, especially not in the kinds of fights that we’re presently in.
Think about it.

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