True Revolutions

Most revolutions are really shifts of individual people in power.  They do not really or necessarily address the relevant issues that led to the revolution in the first place, and they do not address teh additional issues that inevitably arise after a revolution throughout the normal course of governing and the post-revolutionary phase.  The true revolutions are the ones that bring about changes in behavior, perspective, attitude and courses of action.  Changing people is not necessarily a feature of a true revolution, provided that the same people begin to do something that’s genuinely different than from before.  Sometimes, the boiling point has been reached within a society and no amount of change from above will solve the crisis that everyone is about to experience.  This is one of the biggest reasons as to how it is important to remain accurate with your perception and conception of the world beyond yourself in the fullest possible senses that humans are generally not very good at doing on their own.  Failure to do so will increase the odds of that poor decisions end up being made in the halls of power, consequence and authority, which then leads to increased odds of overthrow, collapse and the termination of the current set of leaders in any given society.

The real revolutions bring about substantial changes to our world.  The majority of them simply swap one power grouping for another, without any changes in behavior, attitude or action that actually constitutes a revolution.  The two frequently go hand in hand, but the presence of one actual revolution in the way that we think about governing, politics, policy, society, the economy, environment and universe beyond our planet can help prevent one of the mass revolutions from happening all things remaining equal.  This isn’t to say that overthrows aren’t going to happen or that elections aren’t going to be lost with considerable amounts of societal conflict involved along the way.  This is saying that the changes of that happening to a well functioning governing group is significantly less likely to happen than with a dysfunctional and poorly prioritized governing group, based on historical evidence across time and space.  The best way to stay in power is to proactively satisfy the physical and psychological needs of your citizens by doing the least amount of actual harm to them through your governing, and then secondly, to make sure that they don’t forget who’s responsible for making things so good for them on the physical and psychological levels.

All other forms and systems of governance is just exploitative abuse and neglect, relative to genuine care, love and empathy.

That’s the truth.

Take it or leave it.

Doesn’t matter.

Think about it.


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