Why We Have Law, Government and Regulation

Why We Have Law, Government and Regulation

This is why we have rules.
This is why we enforce rules.
This is why we have a government and not leave it all up to the businesses and business leaders to make the final choices and decisions in our social and environmental worlds.
Believe it or not, people are not 100% rational, reasonable or capable of making good choices for themselves, even when they’re not being incentivized in the wrong directions by a big pile of cash.
Sometimes, when they fail to do this, it comes at a terrible price for the rest of humanity (and themselves as well, being apart of the human species).
And, without government, there is no recourse for the general population to heal from the self-inflicted disaster, thus leaving society to a state of lawlessness and barbarism.
Libertarians are too blinded by the ideology of freedom to recognize the actual consequences of their own actions relative to the rest of the world.
And conservatives are just deferential to the elites who currently hold power in our society, regardless of whether or not they’re actually doing a fair and reasonable job at governing for everyone else.
Silly brains.
Think about it.

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