The Trappings of Power

Maintaining power is about doing what is needed, not everything that you wanted.  It’s about having your actual, healthful needs be in alignment with your wants.  It’s about having your priorities and values be in alignment with what you need as a living organism and a sentient being and then, being ruthless about the pursuit of those needs/wants while being more or less apathetic about the rest.

Good times come and good times go.  There is no way to bend the winds of the universe in your favor all of the time.  Sometimes, by trying to bend the winds of fate, you end up doing more to hurt your own ship in the fullest of senses.  The strong adapt and are nimble and flexible to the changing seasons, tides and currents of the universe.  They shift their sails when the winds of fate blow in a different direction.  The weak, no matter how powerful they are in the moment, do not adapt or shift course in accordance with new knowledge, understandings and conditions in the social/environmental/cosmological worlds that are around them.

It is time that we, as a species, give up on the false narrative that might makes right and that you can do anything when and if you have the “power” to do so.  History has shown time and time again that might not only doesn’t make right, but it also frequently leads to increased problems for the mighty seeking to impose themselves over others without care, sense or legitimacy.  History is (literally) strewn with the corpses of the powerful, while the relatively meek have gradually lived on underneath them, in spite of their losses. 

Times change. 

Perspectives change.

Knowledge and comprehension changes.

The species changes.

Laws of the universe don’t.

Even if the natural laws do bend, it is only in accordance with other natural laws that we were hitherto ignorant of.

Better to adapt to the universe; the changing knowledge, understandings and conditions than fight against the tide.  It means much less energy spent trying to make reality be anything other than what it is, and much more time spent doing things that we actually find satisfying and healthy for ourselves as individuals and living organisms.

We are never going to have freedom on this plane of existence, no matter how powerful we may think ourselves to be.  Better to be actually healthy and happy instead, I think.

And it’s all thanks to condition(s) in the brain that makes human beings behave in contrary ways.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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