Why Are Lawyers Our Leaders?


What do lawyers do other than argue law?

Sure, they may be familiar with the function and study of the law and how to make law.

But what do they know about society?

What do they know about our world?

What good is an argument if it is not backed up by the full truth of the matter?

It’s time that we eclipse the lawyers and business people with people who know, understand and love society in all its various parts, pieces and how it all comes together to form itself.

We don’t have the tools to do this yet.

Lots of research to be done.

But this is the first step, to identify and acknowledge the problem.

Here’s to a choppy road and a load of misery, for that’s all we’re going to have.  We’re going to have to fight against those who do not care, do not want to care and are not concerned or knowledgeable about how the human world, and indeed, how human beings work.

Think about it.


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