Life, Consciousness and the Development of the Universe

I’d like to think that when we die, we go to a place that’s more suited to our condition and to our mindset. Sort of like a fork in the road, where you guide yourself towards one universe with one set of alternatives, versus another universe with another set of alternatives, or another and another and another and another and another and another.

There’s hypothetically no end to it.

Although, from what we’re gathering of our present universe, there are only a few potential models, as it were, of successful and viable universes.  Very much like there are only a few viable models for how to construct a living organism that is able to reproduce and carry on its genes without going extinct.

Very curious how something so potentially infinite can also be so incredibly finite at times.

What role consciousness has in any of this, if it has anything at all, is up for debate.  But it is a feature of this place that all living beings share, in one form or another, regardless of their simplicity or relative lack of what we’d call “consciousness.  Just consider that all life forms, even those with the simplest of nervous systems, have some form of connectivity with the outside world that is around them (and that they are of, as well).  Even jellyfish are linked to the world outside of their bodies, even if it is only in some of the most apparently simple and least conscious manners.

But how does this feature, in a universe that also seems to have no regard for the well being and health of its living organisms, while its living organisms spend so much time, energy and effort adapting to the conditions and terms that the universe sets for them.

Perhaps life is masculine, after all, while the universe itself is feminine?

That works, in my conception of it.

Think about it.


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