Shining the Light on Economics


Shining the Light on Economics

The article may be a bit gooey-eyed for my tastes.

But it does illustrate an important point that’s mainly been neglected and/or deliberately forgotten in economics and the function of an economy and of a society.

When the purchasing power of the majority of citizens increase, the more chances there will be for increased complexity and dynamism in the economy.

Growth seems to be a  much more temperamental concept, because it’s effected by so many other factors besides consumer purchasing power.

But by enabling people to have more of their income as disposable, the more opportunities people will have to participate in the economy.  The economy becomes more democratic, which then leads to the society being more democratic and responsive to needs of the general population.

Factor in a proactive push by the government to fuel sustainable technology while maintaining positive control over the businesses who start those companies (to avoid a repeat of the fossil fuel debacle that left us unable and unwilling to adapt to the changing needs of our world), and you’ve got yourself a socially and environmentally sustainable economy.

Think about it.


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