Markets vs. Businesses



Markets vs. Businesses

It’s important to separate the concepts of market and business (because the two are not the same).  Market health is better for a society than business health, even though business health plays a contributing role in producing market health.  Business health can be antithetical and mutually exclusive to market health (such as when businesses behave as extractive, small-self serving tools for their owners’ private, personal and small-self reason.

This is/has not been the traditional line of thinking in the world of economics.

And it’s partially how our economic policies have become so skewed in favor of the private corporations, executives and financiers that we’re on the verge of systemic collapse, if not environmental collapse as well.
The environment comes before the society and the economy, because without it, there is no chance for the other two to be around.
The society comes before the economy for the same reason.
And the economy grows out of the combination of the society and the environment in such a way that it must be tended to by the gardener government such that all aspects don’t kill the others off.
Think about it.

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