A Challenge for Libertarians and Conservatives to Answer

If the “free” market were really the best possible social and economic system for any society of humans, how is it then that it does not naturally put a check on human’s self-destructive behavior, both in an environmental sense and in an economic sense?

Whatever happened to those New England fisheries that were once the envy of the world?

How is it that we’re not upgrading to a more sustainable and cleaner energy source, especially now that we know of the dangers of carbon and pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, our water sources and soil?

How is it that the wealthy become so fantastically so at the expense of everyone else, which does lead to issues of jealousy and a universal sense of injustice because a lot of people had their hand in the production of that profit?

Since the “free” market and its agents do not address these problems adequately, and because human beings are just going to be human beings, the simplest and least messy situation is for a government, or an organization with the legitimate authority of a government, to oversee and enforce standards of behavior and order within our social and economic world, for the protection of our species on the social, economic and environmental fronts.

Libertarians are free to bow to whatever ideology they’d like, and conservatives may be deferential to the ever self-destructive private elite.  I would simply advise that they go to another society to make their living, to whatever ends they actually accomplish.

Don’t have time to muck about with their complaints about things that have no bearing on our well being, as organisms, or their insistence on maintaining incorrect views of the world and how it actually would/could work, due to the poor wiring and function of their brains that causes them to go against the grain of physical and psychological survival on the individual level, in the full social, economic and environmental senses.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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