Survival and ecology are the main sources of economic liberty.  Economic liberty is the main source of psychological liberty.  When you’re able to live and not sweating where your next meal is coming from, or are working more than one job to barely make ends meet, you’re not likely to achieve a solid level of health, well being and happiness.

Likewise, as you gain more and more material and monetary wealth, the amount of psychological liberty that you actually achieve crests and levels off, leaving you with decreasing marginal returns from your work, effort and returns in the form of happiness, health and well being.

In fact, sometimes an excessive amount of wealth and wealth productivity counteracts your abilities to be well and happy.

For what purpose do we have a political and legal system that favors those who hurt themselves for the sake of non-essential wants that do nothing to advance their freedom?

And for what purpose do we bring about these economic and legal systems that disable so many from achieving their maximum potential for happiness, health and well being as a living organism?

How does the Libertarian/conservative system actually maximize and improve upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, when their philosophies and the subsequent policies, are put into place on the tangible, experienced level of existence?

Think about it.


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