Psychological Warfare and the Eventual Evolution (or Extinction) of Humanity


Everything in our economy, besides food, water, healthcare, clothing, shelter and educational infrastructure is a luxury item.  All of the complimentary items that go with the production of these items is, in a technical sense, also a luxury.  This is before we get into conversations about all of the truly “non-useful” pursuits that humans do: everything from art to music, or the non-monetarily productive pursuits of governing, law enforcement, defense and spiritual concerns.

However, a sign of a more productive economy is the presence of more non-essential goods and services that do not do harm to the society or to the environment and the production of new technology that actually improves the material, physical, psychological and/or environmental well being of humans and life in general on the given planet that we’re living on.  This being said, value is only relevant relative to the actual benefit that a given good or service has on our physical, psychological and environment, and it itself has nothing to do with the scale or complexity of our economy.

For example, a person who is able to feed him/herself sustainably, has useful tools, is able to have a reliable source of water, access to some semblance of a society, has shelter and the ability to heal and be educated about how to be well in their given social/ecological environment is richer in a technical sense, than a billionaire with a lot of non-useful gadgets who cannot feed, water, socialize, shelter, have access to medical care or an educational background that is not relevant for his/her given social/ecological situation.

However, there must be a certain amount of excess produced, in order to support essential, non-monetarily productive professions, such as doctors, law enforcement officials, scientific researchers etc, etc.  The larger and more complex a society becomes, the greater quantity and variety of these essential, non-monetarily productive persons must be supported.  Specialization becomes more enhanced, and people become more interdependent on each other to support a our physical, psychological and ecological quality of life.  For example, governing, law-making and law-enforcement becomes an issue; the arts develop and gain ground; people become more specialized at these essential, non-monetarily productive professions by devoting more time and energy to them, rather than to the production of our essential needs.

This is a redefining of our economic goals, a re-prioritization of our perspectives, attitudes and actions, and a challenge to alternative ways of thinking that pursue less relevant and less healthful ends for our species and for our own selves (the two not being exclusive of one another), regardless of the reasoning and rationalization that happens to justify these positions.  One can either go towards these more healthful systems of economic function and prioritization, or they can separate from the societ(ies) that adopt these more relevantly based priorities, to pursue whatever end they please (provided it does not interfere with the well being of the better grounded societies).

I see a great conflict springing up between those who are not accurately sensing the world around them, for any reason or cause, and those who are sensing the world in a more accurate manner.  I see the eventual death of the delusional society, but not without a fight and potentially taking down the grounded society.

I see a bad moon rising for humanity.

And we are only exchanging the verbal blows.

Think about it.


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