A Purpose for Society and the Role of Government in Achieving It

The larger the discrete society or social unit, the more complicated a government must become.  Individuals must become more specialized as the individual tasks become more time consuming and challenging, and more people need to potentially be assigned to that specific line of work.

However, there is a maximum size that a government can grow, where anything beyond that point only becomes redundant and unnecessary.

There is also a question of the size whether the size, scale and complexity of government should decrease if the size of the social unit increases past a certain point.  An excellent example of this is the complexity and scale of global government being less than that of the national and even sub-national governments, due to the high diversity of peoples, cultures, and systems beneath the global governance system that need to work independently in order to be of the greatest effectiveness for the individuals living in their respective societies (in other words, world government acting as more of a coordinating and overseeing body with influence and legitimate authority rather than a direct governing and managing body (at least, at this moment of human evolution and development.

Therefore, it is not the size of the government that matters, really, except so far as planning and structuring the organization is concerned, based upon the social unit that it is working with and how it inter-relates with other social units that may be under its fold.  What really matters is the effect that the government is having on the social unit that is under its jurisdiction and how it is interacting with the other organizations and social units that may be under its given fold (ie, how the US Federal government interacts with the state, county, tribal and local governments as well as the not for profits and private corporations).

In the end, the name of the game is collaboration to preserve, carry on and protect the social unit from the hazards stemming from social, individual and/or environmental causes, as well as to foster development, growth and resiliency in the face of these harsh situations.  The object of government, in my view, is to make human society like a hydra, that grows and regrows stronger than before after being hit by a natural or socially caused disaster (and I do include non-humans, potentially from other worlds, in this line of thinking).  The ultimate object is to preserve human society for as long as possible, until the ends of time, space and the death of everyone and everything in this universe.  Sometimes, that means government steps back and lets the other elements of society work.  But the ultimate authority within a society, to set laws, legal systems and enforcement mechanisms for the PUBLIC’S interests is the, in practical terms, the government or an organization very similar to the government.  The final authority in whether that authority remains legitimately in place, is the society itself, outside and inclusive of government.

It’s like this in democracies.

It’s like this in dictatorships.

And it’s like this in everything in between and around these two extremes.

The ultimate goal of society is to survive and have its individual members be well.

For what reason or purpose, I honestly don’t know.

But what I do know, is that human society will not achieve this goal without a government or while clinging to false notions of freedom or liberty that do not actually exist on this plane of existence.

You have the universe to thank for that, and all of its natural laws of cause and effect.

Do not blame me or anyone else for this predicament of lacking freedom.

So let these thoughts stew in your mind and, hopefully, you’ll be able to appreciate the value of them.

Think about it.

And, good luck.

Think about it.


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