The Danger of al-Qaeda and Conservatives

The Danger of al-Qaeda and Conservatives

This is why/how we have to be very serious about the causes and the methods of al-Qaeda.
They are a fringe in some respects of Islamic/Arab culture.
But they’re not a stupid fringe, like ISIL.
That’s what makes them dangerous to us, because they’re appealing to a larger social base than just the insane and bloodthirsty.
If the US and the West doesn’t shift its course with regards to the larger Arab/Islamic world, we could easily be swarmed by them and risk more attacks like September 11th, due to the popularity and support that al-Qaeda could enjoy.  The only way to beat an insurgency is to find out what their fighters’ motivations are and then, work to get rid of their motivation to fight.  This would mean changes to our policies, attitudes and actions with regards to other people in order to cut at the core of what’s actually causing them to lay down their lives and set aside their comforts.
This doesn’t mean that it will get rid of all the fighters.
Conservatives of all stripes endanger diplomacy.
They’re the ones who back track on agreements, make it impossible to hold dialogue and, generally, behave in an anti-social manner, regardless of the culture that they come from.
But combat isn’t going to solve the problem, and it may make it worse by increasing the number of people who join from what would otherwise be more moderate backgrounds.
If this more benevolent tact is what al-Qaeda is doing, then it is in the American’s interest to be hosting a dialogue, however indirect it may be, with the al-Qaeda militants.
The only way that this conflict is going to end, is if something changes in the political/diplomatic field.  Military victories won’t stop them in actuality, and some of our policies in the Middle East are counter to what’s in our actual interests in spite of how our current government members are perceiving it.
It should be emphasized, though, to the al-Qaeda militants that it is as futile to make the West be more Islamic, just as it is futile to make the Islamic world be more Western.  Just because we back away from an unwinnable war, does not mean that we are surrendering or are less willing to fight to protect our people and homeland.There are lessons that we can learn from each other, but differences must be respected and accepted.

But, this will never be enough for the conservatives on either side of this conflict.
They will be the ones to break the arrangements that the progressives/liberals work so hard to accomplish.
They will be the ones to say “this isn’t enough, we want them to be all like us.”
And that’s just the way that it works in their brains.Just watch.

Think about it.

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