We Never Learn

We Never Learn

Just because someone is nominally our ally, and because they happen to be apart of/support our business interests, doesn’t mean that they’re an actual friend or ally of the American people and the American society.
Honestly, what is it with Americans with choosing weak and terrible allies?
From the dictator of Guatemala in the 1950’s to the Shah of Iran in the 1970’s, to Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan in the 2000’s.
It’s not like these folks follow us blindly; they have minds and interests of their own.
It’s not like they’re supported or loved or legitimate authorities in the eyes of their own people, which is what the US should be pushing for and wanting, if we want to preserve their security from all threats from abroad.
And, it’s not like they’re long lasting institutions that can have legitimate staying power within their respective societies over the centuries and millenniums to come.
It’s better to build your the foundation of your relationship with peoples (not governments) on stone, rather than on sandy and, quite frankly, artificial institutions with phony people at their helm.
Yet the American foregin policy branches have never seemed to have gotten these concepts through their heads.
Too busy focused on hallucinatory threats and working on short term competition, than on long term cooperation.
Silly brains…..
Think about it.

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