Human Non-rationality

Human Non-rationality

Very helpful.

And, it makes a lot more sense in comparison to what’s currently out there in economics and economic theory, just from watching the behavior of humans on a regular basis.

We’re not rational.

Not really, at the core of it.

And that’s why/how we get some of the laws that we have.

Because people aren’t really going to be making the best choices for themselves in many cases.

And, unless you’re comfortable with the thought of the chaos, death and tragedies that could happen as a result of some of these laws (not all, but some) then what is your point in being somewhere, where your job is precisely to prevent actual damage to the individual and social entity?

The real question then, is how are the laws enforced and put into practice?  Are they used to demonize, segregate and punish people, or are they enforced in such a way that they help people and correct for obviously dangerous actions that could hurt the individual and/or the collective society as a whole?

After all, it’s a question of how do the tires hit the pavement, not how well they spin in abstraction.

Think about it.


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