The Essence of Good Government

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In government, empathy and understanding leads to quality goverance and reliably secured seats.  A lack of empathy and understanding leads to poor goverance, and the likeliehood of being removed from office.

If you lack the ability to empathize or, at the very least, to accurately understand and know of the condition and situation of the world around you and the other, than you have no technical business in governing or government in an authority role.

The higher you go in our social world, the more dependent and bound you are to the service and well being of those who are beneath you.  Being too top heavy relative to the base of society is a dangerous situation in a human society.  It means that you don’t have a lot of awareness or legitimacy and that you don’t have a lot of support from the majority of the human society.  This means that, sooner or later, given more and more mistakes and instances of abuse that you make with that “power” that you have over people’s lives, the more likely it is that you will be removed from that position of power, through peaceful or non-peaceful methods, by the majority of the human society swarming over you and your allies.

Good tactics can defeat a majority of people in one battle.  However, that is not a reliable method for maintaining power, in Western society at least, and it is not a sustainable method for remaining in power in any society.  Human beings will rise and rise again against the abusive and non-beneficial leadership if it remains unmoved and unchanged from its abusive ways, and it becomes less and less likely that a majority of society would tolerate and/or accept the presence of those abusive “powers”.  This has been the case time and time again throughout history, across cultures (as evidenced in my book It Comes Undone).  Therefore, those with low capacities for empathy should probably seek other employment in society, other than governing and high status positions in our society, for their own sakes and their own benefits.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have reason when in a high position.  There is such a thing as being overly empathetic and suseptible to the machinations of those who are less able at knowing their own benefit.  However, predatory behavior does not prove to be successful for the predator within human society, in spite of the “gains” that they make.  It is, I think, evidence of a defective brain that is in need of care and treatment, rather than punishment and abuse.  Better to either proactively work to curtail those instincts that stem, again, from your particular brain/body composition, than to let them all out.

Still, these individuals will continue to climb into places that they really shouldn’t be and don’t belong for their own sakes.  If they’re unable to know what’s good for others, how can they expect to know what’s actually good for themselves?  The two are not unrelated, after all, and are often very much, connected to one another.

In the end, ignorance is probably the most dangerous thing that a member of a governing body could have.  It disables them from knowing the world around them that they are, in fact, highly dependent upon for well being and survival.  One mistake with the society and/or with the environment, and the whole basis of legitimacy and acceptability within a society can be wiped out for the would be leadership.  Therefore, empathy, care and genuine concern and awareness of the other’s condition is the essence of positive government for the governing as well as for the governed.

Think about it.


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