The Journey to Infinity and Beyond


We are all going to die.

Eventually, external and/or internal conditions are going to get too complex for our bodies to survive, and we will pass on to uncharted seas beyond our conception and current perception of the universe.

Eventually, environmental conditoins are going to be as such on this planet that we will not survive on it.  This could happen either due to the environment becoming inhospitable to our life in this current geological period of time, or because of the nearby sun expanding to such a point that it kills all life on this rock we call home.

If the human species wants to survive, it must alter its condition, actions and attitude towards the environment and the world that is around us.

If the human species wants to live longer than that, it must figure out a method for traveling safely in space to other planets beyond our solar system.

That is as far as I can go with what I know of right now.

However, death will stalk us all, until the very end of time and beyond.  It will take everyone and everything in due course, and our bodies of this finite entropy will bloom into a different set of matter and energy (according to the Law of the Conservation of Mass and Energy; the 1st Law of Thermodynamics that we’ve currently demonstrated) that will have a higher state of entropy and complexity (according to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics),  In eachs successive death, there is an increase in entropy in the universe.  Eventually, that entropy will kill and destroy everything, such that there’s nothing left, and the universe on this scale appears as solid, still and dead.

However, I think that this is really just another opportunity for more complicated, or at the very least, different stuff to happen to the universe.  I cannot perceive of an end to this universe, very much like how I cannot conceive of a solid beginning to the universe that we have not just arbitrarily assigned and started from.

What was the birth of our universe but a very rapid increase in entropy, stemming from what might have been a singular “point” (for want of a better word)?  The division into the Four Forces (that we currently have) that all, never the less, coexist and bind our whole universe as one, more complicated place.  What was our evolution, but a general transition from relatively simple (emphasis on the word, relatively, since the DNA, RNA and DNA/RNA combinations in these cells isn’t really simple), to even more complicated and dynamic multi-cellular organisms with simplified cells working together to form a more complicated and potentially dynamic individual, who then goes on to potentially form a more complicated and potentially more dynamic social organization?  There is hierarchy in the universe.  But it is neither as simple or as pure as, for example, an ancient military organization.

But the idea that death is the end is, I think, most likely a somewhat ridiculous notion, considering the scale and complexity of the physical universe.  Even if we don’t literally reincarnate as, for example, the Hindus and Buddhists say, there still is the metaphorical rebirth of your molecules and energy being converted into something different and remaining apart of this universe.  Whatever happens to your consciousness, the result of your brain, is beyond me.  Perhaps it stays too, in a different form?  Or, does it go on to be apart of something more grand and dynamic than before, like the rest of your body and the rest of the physical universe?

I don’t know.

Yet it would be interesting to figure out how to experiment with these things, so that we can figure out whether or not there is reincarnation or simple socialization and metaphorical reincarnation.

Anywho, I thought I’d just chuck that one at you, to think about, to toy with and enjoy.

Think about it.


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