An Evolving Cosmos


An Evolving Cosmos

It wouldn’t shock me that universes are, in essence, like grand living beings that develop, evolve and become something more than their component parts.  It also wouldn’t shock me to learn that we, as human beings, along with all other life in the universe, form a cohesive whole that composes the “flavor” of the universe as it were (since there are only a few essential aspects to the universe that cannot be changed if the universe is going to be a viable place to exist, very much like there are only a preconditions that must be met in order for a human embryo to develop into a full blown adult).

The implication is, that the universe itself is something that evolves internally and externally relative to other universes’ internal and external conditions.  Very much like how a nation-state evovles and develops domestically and internationally relative to other peoples, societies and nation-states.

In addition, for all the improbabilities that exist in the universe, there really only seem to be a few possibilites that really stand out.  Far from being an “infinite” universe, this very possibly could, actually, be quite a finite universe, in which there are only a finite number of viable solutions and options to our problems that arise.  Either the universe gets these problems and preconditions right, or it dies off.  Just like we do as individuals and collectively as societies..

As the universe increases in entropy, so too must we evolve our adaptive capacities until we cannot evolve anymore.

Then, we die.

And we become more entropic, as our bodies become scattered, leaving their low-entropy states for high entropy chaos.

Who knows if this concept of an evolving, dynamic and highly inter-connected universe withint an evolving and highly dynamic and interconnected multiverse is accurate.

It’s still fun to think about.

The cosmos will, it seems, know itself.

Or die trying.

Go science!!

Think about it.


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