On Lawmaking and Legislating


For as long as humans have had the concept of civil law, lawmaking, it seems, has been about the creation of law from the pure abstractions of the human mind, regardless of the consequences it has on the receivers and makers of law.  Even the so-called “divinely inspired” laws of the Hebrew and Islamic traditions is, when it comes down to it, just a series of abstractions that order society, but do not put it in conformity with the natural laws of the universe in the fields of economics, social relations and environmental connectivity.  Ideally, laws are things that are discovered, not made.  The civil law is brought into conformity with the discovered natural laws of our social, environmental and economic worlds, such that we derive the most positively efficacious set of policies and law that we can have in our given socieities.  This is NEVER something that is set in stone, but ALWAYS something that is up to change, depending upon if a new, more positively efficacious model is produced for all of human society and, indeed, for all of sentient life in this universe.

At the present time, small “self” enrichment has been the name of the game and it has come at the price of the well being of the larger self that we all have.  Laws and law-making processes that repress the public, bring economic and/or environmental hardship or are socially, economically and environmentally caustic to the world in which we’re living will destroy both the givers and takers of law in the actual scheme of things.  It is delusional to think that it actually works in any other way, as demonstrated throughout history and based upon the latest findings in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, and environmental studies.  The government does have a potential positive role to play in our social world.  Whether the government is a positive force in our society is dependent upon its function and imagined purpose within the given social world, plus the content and brain states of its composite members throughout all periods of time, past, present and future. 

The only good government in a society is one that works proactively for people, never for a few or for its members self-enrichment.  All other systems of governments fail within the light of a society that’s evolving in consciousness of itself and its needs, or else, simply harrass the given society to the point where the society simply turns on the government and its members and, at the very least, makes governing and maintaining those positions within the society just that more difficult.

If you want to be honored genuinely within your society, as a member of the governing body, do well by the people empirically, effectually, genuinely and sincerely.  It’s sincere and genuine love that leads to power within the social world, not violence and force.  Those tactics win only a shell of society temporarily and impress the chimpish minority amongst us, they do not win the hearts and minds of the majority of humans within the society in an almost permanent manner.

This is probably one of the largest mistaken assumptions that our leadership makes when it comes to defining and executing power.  And it’s probably one of the more destructive misunderstandings about our social reality that we’ve made.

In conclusion, what I am proposing is a new process and logic for making law that brings us into conformity with natural laws as to how things actually work in the universe that is around us and is us.  Rather than simply rely on our limited perception about what is there and our mistaken notions as to how things work in our universe, we set about trying to understand what is actually present within our social world and then seek to discover which policies, programs and courses of action actually do the most amount of good for the least amount of actual (not perceived) damage to our social, economic, environmental and individual worlds.  It is time that we do away with the childish notion that might equals power and that force and guile is an acceptable and functional path to achieving great and lasting power.  It is those who have helped us along the path of life, individually and collectively, whom we honor the most, not the cunning and powerful political “leaders” of the past.

Therefore, bring the law into conformity with the discoverable and empirical functions of the universe.  Or die, in more ways than just the physical.

Think about it.


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