The Damnation of Conservatives and Conservatism


In the end, I would like to eliminate conservatism as a viable political ideology in our society and people who are inclined to be conservative from the realm of high governance and policy making.

When you are willfully or unwillfully ignorant about one aspect of the governing world, the effect is a cascade downward onto everyone and everything, such that nothing works and you’re left with nothing but dysfunction and disorder in our social worlds.

We are all unwillfully ignorant about somethings.  That is how we need to work together in order to solve problems that are common to all of us, both within our given societies and across all societies on Earth.

But conservatives….  They neither feel inclined to deal with the suffering of others, nor do they seem to be willing to adapt and actually change their stances in light of expressed needs and desires from the rest of human society.  They just press on with whatever they have in mind, don’t pay attention to what is happening in the social world both before and during their executed maneuvers, and then have an absolute disregard for the mess that they leave in their wake as a result of their actions.

Conservatism in government, conservatives in government under any name or pretext, or anyone who is not mentally competent to govern a society positively, when0 acting as an official in any capacity is tantamount to raping human society, defiling our social institutions and, ultimately, destroying our human society through their poorly conceived and executed courses of action.

Progressives are guilty of fronting poor campaigns against conservatives and failing in execution when it comes to some of their policy ideas.  The ethos is there, but it lacks practice, skill and objective concreteness that leads to optimal function for society.  Conservatives are guilty of just being present in government and asserting their “values” over others, even when it becomes clear that those “values” have no more sway over society, often for the tangible improvement of society’s individual and collective well being.  There’s a reason how conservative institutions and conservative values are dying in our society: they’re ultimately destructive to the well being of ourselves, individually and collectively, physically and psychologically and society, frankly, should not make any more use of them, on the domestic, international, social, economic and environmental fronts.

I reject the notion that Liberals and Progressives lack values.  I assert that Liberals and Progressives have a more generalized and adaptable system of values that works to, ultimately, maximize the physical and psychological well being of human beings on the tangible and actual level.  How that is accomplished and what that means will change throughout the course of human history and the life of the species.  That is alright, so long as we remain true to the need for physical survival over psychological gratification.  Otherwise, the species will be hurt and/or die off, and we’ll have no one and nothing to blame but ourselves for that TANGIBLE level of foolishness.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are simply concerned with the psychological and abstract gratification of their own senses, rather than attentive to the well being and quality of life for others.  They have no interest in helping you or anyone else on this planet but their own small sense sense of “self” and their immediate cohort of individual people.  They do not concern themselves with those who fit outside of their neat and very tight definition of self, preferring to trick or deceive others into their line of thinking and ways of being if force itself proves to be ineffective (which it, inevitably does).

They serve no apparent functional purpose in our society other than to gunk up the political process and to gunk up the quality of life for human beings when they are in charge of our society.  It is because of their insistence on being in government and decision makers within our society that we get a tremendous amount of our problems and our faults, both on the domestic front and on the international, foreign relations front.

Progressives may be guilty of not being true to Progressivism and have their own deficiencies with regards to perceiving what society needs implicitly.  But they at least have the heart and the sense to change when it becomes apparent that society is needing a change of course.  Conservatives and conservatism doesn’t do that.  It is the same old philosophies that justified theocracy, monarchy and the blood-line nobility and it will always be the same logic of corrupted private power in our social world.

Therefore, I would like to condemn conservatism as a dysfunctional and inappropriate ideological set for government and to expel genuine conservatives from government into mental hospitals for diagnosis, treatment and care.  I want them discredited, disrobed and defacto banned from government by a consistent and persistent wall of voters, using the power of democracy to keep the private elite and those who follow them back in line peaceably, such that society is never inclined to use violent force against their diseased typology.

It’s a brain type, after all.

Nothing more.

And nothing less.

Think about it.


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