It’s Just Time


Revolutions take a long time to reach their zenith. There’s usually a long back and forth between the offending powers that be and the larger collective society that is bearing the brunt of the abuse and/or neglect from the power base.

However, there does come a tipping point where there is nothing more that the powers that currently be can do to prevent things from going over the edge for them. It generally happens when the powers that be resort to nothing but brute force to maintain their position, rather than dialogue, understanding and making a sincere effort to reform the offending policies, positions and attitudes.

To all those who are losing faith in the revolution, remember, that it took 12 years before the Tsar was overthrown from the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1905. It took Gandhi and the Congress Party over 40 years to overthrow British rule in India and about 30 years for Nelson Mandela to overthrow Apartheid in South Africa.

The roots of the American Revolution started in the 1750’s, over 20 years before the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the 2nd Continental Congress.

Therefore, the revolutionaries and those who desire something better than what we’ve got can take heart.

On the other hand, to the elites, remember that the Tsar lasted only 12 years before he was overthrown following the Bloody Sunday Massacre, that Gandhi overthrew the British over 40 and that Apartheid crumbled in front of Mandela after almost 30.

British rule lasted in America for only 20 years after the French and Indian rule.

And all because the British Parliament refused to allow the American colonists to send delegations to London to sit and vote on the issue of raising taxes as equal representatives of the British Empire.

Is your wealth really worth your lives, your fortunes and your dignity as a human being?

Cause, if it is, then I think that there are plenty of people out there who would be more than happy to relieve you and yours of that which you and yours clearly cannot psychologically handle.

It’s your choice, rich people.

But I know that your brains are going to do whatever they’re going to do.

That is how I know that you’re all doomed, really.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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