The Long Arc of Time


When considering the long arc of history, it’s important to remember that things, unfortunately, take centuries to work themselves out in politics, government and society, with all of the ebbing and flowing of the economy and the environment to happen in the meantime.

It took about 400 years for the English Parliament to work itself over the monarchy, and even longer than that before even universal male sufferage was allowed, let alone, universal adult sufferage.  During that time, it took two major civil wars to decide which institution was going to govern in society at large, the Jacobite Wars and the Cromwell Campaigns, and even then, the modern relationship between the Paliament and the monarchy wasn’t produced until the end of Victoria’s reign in the early 20th century, almost 800 years after the English barons put a sword to King John II’s neck and said “sign here” on the Magna Carta.

When you consider the United States, it’s taken us almost 100 years and a civil war of our own to decide whether it was ok to own slaves, and several more decades to determine that workers, indeed, have a right to fair and safe treatment in the work place with fair compensation for their hours worked.  We’re at a point in our history where, once again, our defacto nobility, the leaders of private corporations, industry and finance have and are taking more than their reasonable share of the profits of work while neglecting and/or abusing the rest of the population.  They got off lucky with Franklin Roosevelt back in the 1930’s and 40’s.

However, another Roosevelt does not appear to be emerging from amongst their ranks in order to do the right thing, however imperfectly that may have been done under Roosevelt’s administration.  Obama could have done it, but he played the game too much and got sucked into that, rather than being a genuine leader for our country and a savior to both rich and poor alike.  On top of that, you have the whole of Congress acting like an inbred, nepotistic madhouse, thanks to the influence of the Establishment wings of each Party and, of course, the outsider Tea Party who came to power and influence through picking off easy prey following the public’s disappointment with the Democrats in 2010.  The official Progressives are failing to protect the citizenry from the Republicans and the private elite, and the Republicans are, in general, ideologically and mentally defunct at governing.  With no one to turn to in government (and this being the first time that the American society has been faced with the prospect of having to do something on their own with regards to its government) it will be interesting to watch as the power in Washington declines as a result of its own boobery, senselessness, callousness, cruelty and focus on the small sense of ego while the rest of the general public gets angrier and angrier and angrier by the day, the month and the year.

With food stamps and government unemployment cut, plus with wages in decline and there being little work available for average Americans, I would really hate to be in this country within the next 10 years, if conditions remain essentially unchanged and attitudes and perspectives in government remain unaltered.

I’m going to iterate again, that I’m perfectly willing and, I think at this point, actually able to help the American government and the American society realize a better present.

It’s just a question of being recognized as such and getting in touch with the right people, in order to make that happen.

Think about it.


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