The (Appropriate) Fall of Governor Christie

The (Appropriate) Fall of Governor Christie

And that’s really all that Republicans and, indeed, conservatives have to offer.
Just words.
Just rhetoric.
Just theatrics.
And nothing more.
A shame that the public still will, actully, go for this chitzy stuff.
But then it means that it’s up to the Liberals to master this stuff and to remain true to the principles which actually leads to the fulfillment of self-interest and positive development IN government as well as OUTSIDE OF government, just like a good person has to learn how to woo and to flirt in order to win over and produce good things for the person that he/she loves.  Substance has to marry theatrics, otherwise, the substance will not hold and the theatrics will continue to dominate until the theatrics are adequately learned by those of substance.  As a man or woman, you can be the best catch that the other one could ever really have.  However, if you don’t present the meal that is yourself well consistently enough for their tastes, you’re likely to be rejected by them in time and you’ll both suffer a loss.
The Progressive track is the only track that actually has demonstrated itself to be a reasonably viable option for maintaining and holding political power.  It not only adapts to changing knowledge and conditions, but it also has the heart and the compassion to do what is best by the other in society (which leads to the best for their own self) and not just for a very short-sighted, small-minded, small-hearted and distorted self-image.  All other methods and ideological principles, whether applied willingly or through force, guile or a combination of the two, have only led to the eventual collapse and ruination of society and then its practitioners being called out for their behavior and actions.  Eventually, this means the loss of power and memory of that power throughout the course of human history.
Nobody cares about Ferdinand of Aragorn, in spite of his endorsement by Machiavelli.
But people still remember Confucius and listen to his words, along with the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and Moses.  Mother Theresea or Mohandas Gandhi enjoyed and still enjoy more influence and actual power than any of Machiavelli’s idealized “leaders.”  These are the people who dedicated their lives to helping others through leadership.  Even if not all of them were 100% effective at doing so, their memory and their teachings still live on and impacts people and societies to this day.
It’s through effective care of the public that you get the best results as a political leader.
And, Mr. Christie is just the kind of character who understands this in theory and has sought to mock it up as a fake act to get power.
However, this kind of stuff is hard to fake, and he has been proven to be as such through his own actions and his own bullying, buffoonery and idiotic actions, at the core of it, his idiotic reliance on ideology, belief and opinion to make choices, not actual facts or tested methods.
What a ridiculous man, Mr. Christie is.
Think about it.

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