The British Question

The British Question

Again, while there may be dissent amongst the UK business groups, based on personal tastes, philosophies and interests, there is only a very very very small handful of options that are actually viable for the British economy.

If the UK branches off from the EU, it is likely to impact its own trade relations with the EU on the two-way level that trade relations creates.  The UK can either accept the will and reason of the collective whole including what could be a body of their own business leaders, or go along with the minority, individualist opinion that doesn’t accept the collective whole that is constantly around them.

I honestly would need to do my own research to determine whether the UK should stay in the EU and maintain present EU relations (for economic and diplomatic reasons).  My hypothesis is that the UK should maintain its regular business relations with the EU and ignore those who’d rather “go it alone”, for the sake of both the EU and the UK economy.

But, I could be wrong.

It all depends on people’s tastes, unfortunately, as to what would more likely be done.  As a leader, I think I’d have to mull it over whether to do what’s right or what’s demanded of me by the collective.  In the end, I think my judgment would be more towards what’s technically correct, rather than what’s popularly correct, even though I’d have to mull it over long and hard and, eventually, come to a decision that may cost me my job and my reputation in government.

Let’s hope everyone does their due diligence.

Think about it.


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