A State of Revolution

I am convinced that the United States is in a state of revolution, if not in a state of anarchy at present.

The Occupy Movement may have failed, due to its own lack of organization, focus and sense.

However, the legitimacy and effectiveness of the current private and public leaders of this society, at the very least, is in considerable doubt with the general public.  From there comes the opportunity for less than honorable people to stir up trouble for the elites, especially with food prices set to increase while food stamps are cut.

The American economy isn’t well, and increases in trade for trade’s sake will not salve the wounds that the economy has endured since 2007-08.  We need manufacturing back here and, for that, we need to put business profits and banker’s profits in their proper space with regards to social function.

Otherwise, the system won’t work for the general public and that is precisely how it collapses.

Think about it.


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