Social Priorities

To operate a society, one needs to prioritize water, food, shelter, healthcare, education, manufactured goods and security.  Water and food are priorities, above these priorities and there must be infrastructure of sorts in order to have a settled and non-nomadic society.  Manufactured goods are tiered according to their usefulness to society’s practical and tangible well being and where they fit into the overall economic puzzle in, first, the production of foodstuffs and water, second, healthcare and immediate needs for survival and well being (ie, clothing and medicine > furniture and computers).  The remainder of manufactured goods fulfill marginal benefits and comforts to our well being.

All of this has to be manufactured in such a way that the environment is not negatively impacted for human’s sake at the very least, which could mean preserving other animal species who fulfill vital niches in producing a viable ecosystem for us to live in.

It is through government policy and government action (or inaction) that these needs are met or not met.  Small-minded and small-hearted behavior leads to negative consequences for the political leadership and the society while a large sense of self that includes all other humans and living beings in government is what will lead us to a more viable future.  It is through effectiveness and large heartedness and sense that you’re able to succeed as a government and as a society.  A shame that so many of our so called “leaders” can’t, won’t or don’t see how this works for their own sakes, let alone, for all of our sakes.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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