Stable Societies

Societies, even unjust ones that jibe against universal and culturally specific accepted norms of justice and legitimacy do not collapse easily.  It takes cataclysm o bring them down.  However, the likelihood for cataclysm increases when societies are considered unjust according to universal and culturally specific forms of legitimate justice.  In these cases, even small occurrences can trigger a cataclysmic cascade that echoes throughout time and space.

In short, unjust, illegitimately founded and dysfunctional societies are more prone to collapse than just and well managed ones.  Funny how it is that political leaders, especially conservative political leaders who are more apt towards dysfunction in practice, don’t get the message from history and continue to indulge in stupid patterns of behavior that got their predecessors ousted.

That is, if a given group of people have the sense, wherewithal and ability to do something about the predicament that they find themselves in with a given group of leaders.

Think about it.


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