Mahamaya to Kalachakra: Hinduism Meets Phsyics

If the universe is a simulation, then it means that all of the rules that are in effect will be in effect.  Furthermore, there is the possibility that there are other universe out there with slightly different rules than our own.

It’s like the universe is a kind of experiment or training ground for something…I don’t know what.  If there are multiple universes, it must be to see what rules of physics and starting conditions work and what doesn’t work in order to produce a grander universe than before collectively.  Each universe that doesn’t work, indeed, each species that doesn’t work will naturally self-select themselves out of existence through either the fault of the base rules of physics, the pre-condition materials that are in the universe or through the more advanced layouts of the species and their brain types.  Consciousness seems to the variable that is constantly expanding while materials get used up until death.

Is this how the universe works on the actual level?  Is this universe conscious unto itself throughout many iterations and deviations?

Or are we a simulation of the “real” universe?

We only have a brain and a set of sense organs to make sense of this place in a highly limited and finite manner.

And, I think, that we’re on our way to something far bigger and grander than anything that has been done before, thanks to the power and condition of our brains and the mind that flows through them.

The universe is becoming purer.  Those who aren’t pure will consequently lead themselves and their followers onto death, destruction and the continued purification process of the unvierse, in all its forms, while the rest of the universe continues on, unabated.


Think about it!


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