A Valueless Economy

We have a peculiar notion in Western European societies that bits of metal or pieces of cloth rag are the actual objects of value in our econom(ies).  We value these bits of metal and pieces of cloth more than we do that which we breath, drink, eat, settle on, deficate in and those whom we copulate with and keep as company for our health’s sake.

Other more durable and longer lasting societies do not have these delusional notions of wealth and prosperity, other than what some of their members have received from our Western influence.  They seem to prefer that which gives them comfort, happiness and health, rather than that which is only a psychological abstraction of value.

Economics is a science where there is much useless incentive to cheat and much ignorance in the general public.  You can’t cheat the environmental laws or your own societal laws without causing significant harm to yourself for what will only be a perceived marginal benefit before your inevitable and painful crash.  The discovered laws of the universe as well as the deep unwritten laws of our societ(ies) are not things that ought to be tampered with for our own sakes, especially with regards to our natural, discovered laws.  The only way that you’ll be able to break these natural laws is to be following along some other law/set of laws that we’d hitherto didn’t know about, and/or that the old laws that we thought we knew were incorrect in comparison to common reality.  And we’re the ones “bold” enough to mock the peculiarities of cultures and societies who have been around far longer than we have and have managed to survive in harsher climates, owing to their groundedness in reality when it comes to a sense of economics and economic value.

In short, we could be brought down to a point in our Western society that we’ll come face to face with the ways in which we are ourselves inconsistent with our actual needs as biological beings.  I would hope that we’d be able to deal with the offending persons and personalities in an appropriate and effective manner before we get ourselves past the point of no return.  People who aren’t living according to their needs ought to be deemed as pathological to themselves and to others, and given that amount of care from society.  Otherwise, they’re just going to be punished and possibly killed, with no lessons learned from anyone.

However, I’m not the one who sets social priority, perspective and attitude, nor do I think I have much ifluence or say over such things.

Despite our self-complimentary beliefs about ourselves, we’re still just going to be a bunch of glorified monkeys staggering our way through life, the universe and everything.  Most likely we’re going to take a significant hit in this present lifetimes as a species and we’ll have nothing and no one to thank but ourselves (if we individually and collectively take on that much responsibility for our actions in the first place).

A shame I can’t do more to actually help.

Think about it.


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