On Faith and Reality


Faith, to me, seems like it is a psychological survival technique that helps get us through the day.  This isn’t the kind of typical religious faith where you believe something for the sake of belief or because you were told to believe and accept it.  It’s more akin to hope than these other, more traditional kinds of faith that we have in our English-speaking society.  Religion only entered into the picture when humanity tried to explain the inexplicable, using our brains that are adept at finding patterns and abstractions, but less good at being true to reality in and of itself.

Without having this kind of hope and faith, it’s more likely that you’ll suffer some sort of mental illness or disturbance, which can then turn into physical health problems that feedback onto your mental health problems and then, worsen your social and environmental condition as well.  It’s all inter-related, after all; one effects the others, while the others effect the one.

Therefore, it probably is in your best interests to cultivate that sensation of faith and hope within you (the one that naturally seems to well up in a time of crisis) and to focus on that for a little bit of time each day that you’re able to.  You don’t need to believe a word that I say or have any convictions thereof that are unnatural to your ways of thinking and perceiving the world (even though, there are only a limited number of opinions that really matter or have relevance in the actual scheme of things).  You just need to cultivate that hope within you, such that you’re able to call on it in a moment of need.  It’s better for your psychological health, which partially means that it’s better for your physical health.

No religion or belief in incorrect opinions needed.  If you can’t handle reality for what it is what is the point of being a participant in it?  You’ll make fewer mistakes in judgement and, thus, potentially save yourself and the species from making critical errors.

What is the point of being in this universe if you’re mentally unable to handle it?

Think about it.


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