The Need for Substance in Politics and Government

The greatest failing of the official Left is their lack of substance and their lack of conviction in their own guiding principles and values.  What are Left wing values are really American values, when you scratch the surface of it.  Benevolence, care, love, a basis in truth, faith in the possibility of a better tomorrow, practical grounding in the realities of today and the preservation of liberty for all of America’s people, not just for those who already have, on both an economic and psychological level.

The goal of the Left is to promote well being, health and quality of life.  It has made several mistakes when performing these acts in the past, both here in this country and abroad with other countries and societies.  The beauty of those on the Left, as opposed to the conservatives on the Right or the ideologues of Libertarianism, is that the members of the Left have it more within themselves to evolve, adapt and to make up for mistakes while maintaining the capacity to forgive others for their mistakes such that we can move past the mistakes and realize something better than what was done in the past.  That is, most likely, how you get so many iterations of the Left in so many times and spaces.  The consistent thread is towards a universal and cultural sense of justice being done in the world, be it against the tyrannies of theocracy, the excesses of monarchy and the landed nobility or the petty interests of the Capitalistic elites and governmental autocrats of our present day.

The Right, meanwhile, has been consistent in their actions and their goals throughout time and space, in spite of the constant rejection that they get from the rest of human society.  They use tricks to lie, to deceive, to distort the truth in order to get their constant want and need: the small-self gratification of their own “self” regardless of the consequences towards others and their larger-self persona.

What the Left lacks now in this country, is a grounded, consistent institutional base from which we can assault the elected sections of our government on a constant basis, changing tactics and methods constantly until we get the methods that prove themselves the best over all, and then, continuing to test and rehash those ideas to make up for inconsistencies and other problems that may occur along the way.  It should be emphasized that the Left and its members are human too, and are therefore, prone to human error.

However, when you strip away what the conservatives call those on the Left and look at them for what our actions actually are doing for other people, you will see that, at the core of it, it is the Left that is all about the rights, freedoms and the enabling of the pursuit of happiness, while the Right are really a bunch of miserable folks interested in preserving their own small self sense of gratification at the expense, sometimes, of the larger whole that is around them (and that they are apart of).  Because they focus on the small-self and the parts, rather than the big-self and the machine as a whole, they dilute the small-self which feeds off of the big-self in tangible, psychological and environmental manners.  The whole of the larger self needs to be preserved in order to preserve the small-self, if the small-self is going to survive and the small-self needs to be looked at at the expense of the merely larger-than-small entities in our social world as they are the ones who compose the largest social entity. 

The difficulty that the members of the Left seem to be facing is that none of them (at least, not enough of them) are willing to sacrifice their smaller self for the sake of potentially helping the whole of our social entity in any substantial way or are highly confused about how to go about doing such a thing from where they presently are.  We have a President “representing” we, the people who elected him, who’s getting in bed with “free trade” again in the most extreme context and giving the private enterprises more power while also tracking all of our data and using drones to exacerbate a military situation abroad while simultaneously increasing the likeliehood for one here.  They botched the production and roll out of their “flagship” piece of legislation by simply deferring to private companies’ wishes and desires at the expense of the well being of the public, and then, have failed to make adequate adjustments when called out about these points by the people whom they should be attempting to serve.  The official Left either has no balls, no substance or is malevolent and malignant like the Right.  People can sense the bullshit that’s coming from the establishment groups of the Left and are getting increasingly frustrated with that lack of substance and quality and potential malevolence that what should be their leadership has been demonstrating consistently over the recent ages.

Therefore, I would sincerely hope to help any political Party, organization or faction whose members are genuinely and sincerely willing to help other people effectively through government and I would give preference to those organizations who have the capacity in place to do this as soon as possible.  That would mean, at present, working with the Democratic Party.  However, I am also going to warn the members of any group that I could work with, that if they should fall short in their practice, I will either help to amend them and, if that should fail to actually help, then I will be inclined to leave that Party or organization. 

Personally, I take governing very seriously, chiefly because when it is done poorly or towards poorly chosen ends, it leads to damage to me, either in the seat or to me outside of the seat in the rest of society.  If that’s not a motivator for everyone, I don’t know what is (because, let’s face it, you can’t always convince people to do this kind of work for others).

I’d like to help and I’m not interested in doing any actual harm.

It is that simple.

Think about it.


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