The Second Civil War

There will, I think, likely be a new civil war in America, one that puts the rich, the private elites and their idiot followers in the masses against the rest of American and, indeed, human society.

The rich have been screwing up royally when they hold power without account or sense with regards to their larger self that is the world around them.  Their small-selfish actions will be their death and many others will die in the process of exterminating (literally) the parasitic class of individuals within our society.

Personally, I’d just as soon get them into mental health clinics and hospitals, because I think they really are sick to be tangling with human society in these manners.  There’s no benefit to them in the long term, no benefit to them in the eventual short term, and all of their lives are coming onto the line as human society reacts and acts according to their actions vis a vis the rest of us.  If you’re that disconnected with reality and everyone else that’s around you, you probably have a pathological brain that needs treatment.

However, society isn’t necessarily going to be that kind.

That’s my concern for those who are in power, defacto or de jur.

Think about it.


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