A Fractal World

You need the right people and correct vision statement in order to produce the right culture within your organization, in order to produce the right systems and conform to the correct functional purposes for your organization’s place within the given social unit.  Notice how I don’t say “best”, instead choosing to say “right” and “correct” to suggest that there are multiple possibilities for the organization, depending upon where it falls in our social world and its respective social purpose.

Culture is a derivative of collective brain states, aspirations, perspectives and actions within the individuals, which is then a derivative of effective function, goal setting and actions amongst the individuals towards each other and towards the world “outside” of them.  This way of thinking about things then forms an multi-layered fractal where the layers are interdependent upon each other, thus producing better or worse results for the organization, its members, the social, economic, ecological and cosmological environments in which the organization and its members are in, and back again on the individuals and the organization, depending upon how they effect the world in which they are in and apart of.  There is no separation of individual from society, nor is there a separation of society from the individual.  It all plays together, and it’s just a question of whether or not you’re able to see the parts as parts and the whole for what it actually is.


Think about it.


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