The Amitabha Project

We need to establish a database for planning settlement construction (especially in the light of climate change and the impending doom of our present coastal cities.

Factors to consider are agricultural access and fertility, strategic defensive value, access and fertility of raw materials for manufacturing, access to natural and human made infrastructure, the environmental conditions of the area and ecosystem and, of course, the state and condition of the people culturally, psychologically, physically, etc, etc.

Each society organizes itself according to its own logic, depending upon the brain state(s) of the people who are present in that society at any given time.  Everything from governing and economic systems to art, architecture and science, to sense of time and urgency is affected by the brain type, condition and state of the individuals within the given society or social unit.

In the end, all of these units have to interact with each other in ways that are neither destructive to the individual unit or to the whole part of which each part is apart of.

I think we can model this on computers and develop a comprehensive planning system to locate and lay out human settlements and civilizations according to the logic that each one’s members possess.

I think I’ll call it, The Amitabha Project: the world’s first comprehensive governing and human settlement development tool.

Think about it.


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