The Only Effective Use of Government (For the Sake of the Governing)

A government cannot force its authority over a society through force and expect it to stay forever.

You’re an idiot who hasn’t studied history or humanity if you believe that you can do otherwise.

Rather a government must work to establish its legitimacy and authority over a population of people through benevolence, compassion, sensitivity to needs and tastes of people in the society, cost-effectiveness, general effectiveness and then, have the strength and wisdom to back out when it is clearly time to back out and let the people take it from there, with or without the government. Government can only be done through consensus and it only works positively if it is dispassionate about the specifics and passionate towards the general well being of the whole of human society (and, indeed, the society for all life in the universe as a whole). If you’re not inclined towards this more holistic method of doing business in governing, might I suggest a change of profession? Because it’s not about what you’d like or think or feel, but about what the other (the members of society) wants and thinks and feels. It’s a reciprocal relationship and society learns the value of its government through the government being effective on its general behalf and well being (not on the well being and excesses of the minority few who always end up “controlling” it).

If there is to be an NWO, it can only actually be established through peaceful means with the full and free consent of the population. If you think it is otherwise, then you’re buying too much into the conspiracy theories and giving the would-be conspirators waaaaaaay too much credit for who and what they are.

That’s the joke that’s played on dictators, wanna-be dictators and other general morons. Funny how it is that they haven’t realized how ridiculous they are, even after getting a very substantial hints from the living world that’s constantly around them. After all, even if you do control their brains, and figure out how to bypass the illusion of free will, it’s still a matter of feeding and caring for them while maintaining the environment. Otherwise, you have no world to be emperor of, and you’re left as a party of one in the restaurant of life. It’s actually a net negative to have a brainwashed society, from the perspective of the governing, because it’s fewer relevant perspectives and more dependence and care required from the would-be mind controllers. It’s easier to let people get about with their daily lives freely than to make them all your slaves.


Freaking power hungry idiots not even knowing how to get what it is that they’re after.

Think about it.


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