A New Light

Every new system of political thought and organization is brought about through some kind of religious experience felt amongst all the people who it touches.  You can look at the advent of Judaism through Islam in the West and the effects of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucism in shaping Eastern countries’ political organization and informal systems of social and economic justice.
What I’m propsosing is something that is technically beyond all religions (even though I used the mental techniques from Buddhism and bits of the philosophies of all religions plus scientific principles to produce this new “system”.)  At the root of it is science, the recognition of empirical, discovered truths that are seemingly universal in this universe, at the very least, in the whole of the Universe at the very most, and, compassion, the recognition that only benevolence, care, love, empathy and concern combined with empirical knowledge of facts and cause and effect will produce good results for those who seek to govern the masses of humanity and, indeed, the whole of the cosmos.
You can choose to be mean.  You can choose to be unresponsive to facts and changing conditions.  You can choose to manipulate people onto negative or small-self serving ends.  You can choose to hurt and to allow for hurt out of negligence.  However, none of these techniques are really stable in the grand scheme of things and all of them lead to eventual social, political, economic and environmental collapse for what you were trying to “lock down”.  Humanity is commandable.  However, it is only through positive intentions and effective action that you’re able to command them for long or are able to command them reliably, sustainably and easily.  It is only through listening for their needs (not necessarily their wants) and providing for those needs in the best way that you possibly can that you’re able to maintain your image as being a great leader and, thus, maintain your authority and position in society relative to the other (even though you’re actually in the service of the other and not the other way around, if you’re going to do it properly and for your own sake and benefit in the small-sense of self at the very least.)  Substance and genuine quality of action plays a significant role in producing these lasting effects as well.
Humanity is commandable and can be led towards negative or positive ends.  However, through leading humanity to negative ends, the leadership sets themselves up for self-destruction in a very literal, present and tangible manner.  All empires have collapsed.  All regimes that were negative or mediocre at governing have collapsed and been replaced.  Mediocrity may be a constant in human governing affairs.  However, it has not led to a constant and consistent regimes or civilizations beyond what the general public keeps for themselves.  All other useless nonsense gets left behind, and that includes the leadership groups of these societies and civilizations.
So what?  So it’s probably worth it to leaders of all stripes and all backgrounds to conform themselves and their policies to the natural, discovered laws of the universe, rather than wallow in their own petty interests and false-self serving mannerisms.  The world is much bigger than the individual and the individual is effected on this level of existence by what they do to the other.  It behooves the individual to be selfishly thinking about themselves in terms of the other rather than on just their own petty individual “self”.  That is, if their brains are healthy enough to understand and work with these concepts, because there are many who don’t, and they’re called “conservatives” of any culture, background or ethnicity.
And yet, time and time again, we still have people who rise to offices and think that they’re somehow above the discovered, natural laws of our universe.  They think that their crap doesn’t stink and that everything always just bends for them, without having any reciprocal snap back.  History has shown this to be false.
And I’m sick of these non-responsive, uncaring, callous and small-self focused individuals ruining our societies, our environments and, ultimately, ourselves for the sake of these incorrect and self-destructive attitudes, views, behaviors and priorities.
Aren’t you?
Cause this too shall fall.
And I’m personally sick of picking up the pieces from it.
Think about it.

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