Failed War Priorities and Strategy

Failed War Priorities and Strategy

General, this war was lost the moment we started.  All your military brass and training, and yet you and your colleagues consistently fail to apply basic considerations for strategy and human interactions/behavior, let alone, show any apititude for understanding how to prioritize ones’ goals as a human being on this planet.  You do not win these wars though conventional methods or for conventional perceived needs and wants.  You win them by first defining them and then through altering the relations with the other that you’re working with.  This is a political consideration that needs to enable the other to realize their own path and their own definition of well being.  You can’t force people to be Democratic nor can you necessarily make a people more progressive (especially when you have a) so many conservatives in that society who don’t want to change, b) conservatives from this side who want them to be like us and c) liberals from this side who want them to be like us as well).  Goodness forbid that we have any variety in this world or let people figure things out according to their own traditions and their own logic! 
These are fully grown, reasonably intelligent (if insane) people that we’re working with.  We won’t be able to win them all over, but we can at least convince most of them to lay down their arms and, potentially, begin to turn over their former friends for being dangerous.  Radicals don’t last long in governments.  They’re good at manipulating the crowd because they’re naturally more inclined to speak to it.  But once the effects of their regime are felt, people become less and less inclined to support them.
The world seems to like abuse.  That being said, it takes a proper hand with the proper logic and understanding to administer that abuse such that it neither goes overboard nor is too weak tea for the society.  Laissez-faire government does not work nor does an oppressive autocracy.  But a government that is responsive to the needs of its people, a government that exercises controlled, well administered, benevolent, effective and empirically grounded governing policies does.  Sad that so many humans have failed to grasp these fundamental issues in government and/or have been unwilling or unable to implement them into actual practice.
The piggy good for the self is the good of the other.
It’s that simple.
Think about it.

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